The Creation of the ARC Sails

Our original goal was to allow more sailors to get involved in Laser sailing, no matter their weight or size, while increasing the overall performance of the boat.


Robbie Doyle, one of the designers, explains the initial process of creating the ARC rigs,


"We started with a very aggressive large, square top sail, on a carbon rig. The engineer of the initial rig, Scott Ferguson, was a 195-pound laser sailor and this drove us to a very large, powerful sail. Most of our testing was in typical light air summer New England sailing conditions. Sail and rig were received quite enthusiastically. Sail and rig were then tested by a 165-pound, world champion laser sailor and his wife. They had the good fortune of having 20 knots plus wind in which to test. They concluded that the rig was while exciting, “over-powering.”"  


The next step was the develop a smaller set of rigs and sails with a less powerful shape. Doyle explains, "After further testing among others and Leandro Spin, the US Olympic development coach, we tweaked the sail to leave the size the same but added a bit of power to the sail design."


We then found the perfect balance after extensive testing in a wide variety of wind conditions by top male and female Laser sailors. With the final result, our top female Laser sailor using the final ARC2 rig was able to outperform her male testing partner sailing the standard full-size Laser sail and rig in 14 knots +/- wind condition.