Eco-friendly Event Management

Being thoughtful before, during and after events...

Reduce plastic usage:

Bring and use a reusable water bottle when sailing to reduce your use of single-use plastics. 


Be sure to cut down on using unnecessary leaflets and materials. Ask yourself, can this be done digitally? Remember to recycle as much as possible too! 

Team trash collecting:

Trash is ugly and dangerous to wildlife. Many species can become trapped or ingest floating debris and can either drown or become sick or die as a result. Turtles are particularly at risk from becoming entangled or ingesting debris. This can result in starvation or death from exposure on the water’s surface as they become unable to dive to feed. Seabirds also ingest all kinds of plastics which they go on to feed to newborn chicks in the nest. Even fish and invertebrates are affected by smaller particles called microplastics which go on to become part of our human food chain! Work together before and after events with your team to collect trash on the beach/lakeside. See who can collect the most and become trash collecting champions!  

Be a "Clean Regatta":

Go to the Sailors for the Sea website and register your event as a Clean Regatta! Then, select the actions your event will commit to. These actions can include assembling a "green team", providing a water refill station, eliminating single use plastic, giving sustainable, usable awards, and many more! All LaserPerformance events will be registered as Clean Regattas.