Fun Facts


“Dinghy” is a loanword from the Bengali dingi, Urdu dīngī, and Hindi diemgī. (Source: Wikipedia)
The story of the Dinghy started in 1913 in a boat design competition, which had the objective to produce a tender for big yachts, so that the yacht-owners could race in fashionable bays across the globe; the winner of said competition was funnily enough, neither a boat designer nor an architect, instead, simply a very passionate sailor. The publisher Phaidon published an article on the history and creation of the Dinghy design, using images of the Laser design as an example.


my life with laser in 47 years by bo osterberg

A Swedish sailor has written a small book about his life experiences alongside the Laser Dinghy:

“The Navigator all the time know his Position
The sailor all the time know strength
And direction of apparent wind
When the boat lay still on the water the true
Wind and the apparent wind are the same
When the boat takes off there is a difference
Between true wind and apparent wind
Understanding the wind is what you learn very fast
Joining the Laser Class”

the laserperformance brand book

(See a preview and download complete book below)