Our Heritage

Our strength is our heritage of iconic boats that are recognizable around the world. Such as the Laser which is the most popular adult racing boat being raced by over 50 countries in the Olympics and the Sunfish that has brought pleasure to more generations of sailing enthusiasts than any other boat who all remember their first experience with this iconic boat.

Our strength is our innovation, like the stylish Funboat that allows anyone to learn how to sail within an hour or the multipurpose Bug which is a fantastic training boat for some while for others it is a utilitarian row boat or a fun-loving racing dinghy popularized by its class in Europe.

Our strength is our commitment to safety and comfort for all our boats, such as our collection of outstanding roto-molded boats that bring such joy and pleasure to sailors of all ages and experiences around the world.

Our strength is our commitment to future generations of sailors represented by the amazing Z420 raced by North American colleges and high schools and considered peerless for its speed and versatility.