Leading you to the water.


Welcome to SailLaser, the premier sailing school and water sports center with locations worldwide. SailLaser is sponsored by LaserPerformance, the manufacturer and distributor of market-leading sailboats including the Laser, Sunfish, Z420 and Pico.

SailLaser's mission is to provide access to the water where people can learn to sail, enjoy the lifestyle provided by the water, become part of the sailing community and to provide them easy and affordable access to sailboats and other water activities, regardless of their location, gender, economic status or physical ability.

For any SailLaser questions, please contact the SailLaser centers listed above or customercare@laserperformance.com. Thank you and sail fast!


SailLaser Lake Garda
Email: info@sail-laser.it
Website: www.sail-laser.it
Address: Lungolago Conca d'oro 12, 38069 Torbole Sul Garda


The JustSail Program is a way for members to enjoy dinghy sailing and receive the benefits of an available a fleet of small sailboats without the need to own and maintain a boat. JustSail Members have reserved access to the entire JustSail fleet of LaserPerformance dinghies at their time of your choosing. SailLaser staff will help with rigging, de-rigging, of the boats, as well as any training or instructing that you might require. Repairs, maintenance, storage, and insurance are the responsibility of SailLaser – so members can focus on sailing. JustSail Center maintains reciprocity across Centers worldwide. The JustSail program is also a great way for people looking to buy a boat to try before selecting a boat.


Sailing Courses

SailLaser Berlin
Email: info@sail-laser.de
Website: www.sail-laser.de
Address: Kaemmererufer 24, Hamburg 22303, Deutschland

At SailLaser, we feel that learning to sail is a skill that everyone should possess. That's why we offer community programs for children and adults, providing sailing classes that give people an opportunity to experience the joy and fun of being their own captain.

Club Sunfish

Club Sunfish is focused on children's activities, both in sailing and other watersports. The Club's teachers are selected for their experience and skills with children, and their passion to safely teach sailing and the joy of water sports to this age group. Club Sunfish runs the gamut of daily fun activities for toddlers to "Summer Camp-type" program and contains a variety of activities to keep children learning and entertained.