2019 Sunfish Youth/Master Worlds Boat Charter

2019 Sunfish Worlds & Youth/Master World Championship - Joint Sunfish Charter

Location: Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

Dates: 14 September - 25 September, 2019

Per the NOR - Laser Performance will provide new boats to all competitors with the equipment listed below. 

  • Hull 
  • Spars and mast
  • 2019 ISCA Worlds Sail
  • Blades – dagger board and rudder with tiller & tiller extension  
  • Gooseneck with quick release lever
  • Outhaul cleat on the lower spar 
  • Cunningham cleat on the lower spar 
  • Hiking strap 
  • Cockpit self-bailer (must be used with O-rings for mounting) 
  • Beach dolly
  • Ratchet-block & Line package: halyard, mainsheet, outhaul, cunningham, sail ties, shock-cord  

 Competitors may provide the following personal effects. 

  • Mainsheet
  • Bronze Gooseneck (in the event stainless steel goosenecks are provided)
  • Gooseneck quick adjuster 
  • Line for the outhaul 
  • Line for the Cunningham or line for an uphaul
  • Ratchet block for the mainsheet with stand-up spring 
  • Line for the halyard 
  • Tie lines for the sail or sail clips 
  • Corner tie lines 
  • Shock cord with end fittings for dagger board 
  • Jens line and reefing line 
  • Second halyard 

sku: EV00027

Skill Level:
Boat Capacity:
Boat Length:
Sail Area:

standard features