ARC2 Rig with Sail and Battens

Put your Laser on turbo-drive by swapping your existing Radial rig with the new LaserPerformance ARC2 rig, good on any Laser hull. Unlike the Radial rig, the weight range for the ARC2 is 135lbs – 165lbs vs. 145lbs – 155lbs for the standard Radial. With spars designed by Scott Ferguson and sails by Robbie Doyle, the ARC2 is an alternative to the Laser Standard rig when you want to have a different sailing experience but don’t want to spend extra for a new hull. As a result, the ARC2 allows for better light air performance, faster off the wind performance, higher acceleration, improved rig control, and is easier sailing in all conditions.

The ARC2 Features:
ARC2 Sail:
7.344 square meters
fully battened
custom designed fill-oriented polyester/film laminate material
2-piece carbon spar
317mm shorter than the Radial spar
Carbon boom
Bonded mast track
Internal outhaul
“T” fitting gooseneck
No riveted eye straps

sku: KT00083

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Skill Level:
Boat Capacity:
Boat Length:
Sail Area:

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